How To Get Your Site Listed On Google

To get your site on Google is easy, but getting to the top is another story in itself. Once your site is developed you can or your web developer can submit a link to Google for free. This will add your website to Google’s directory.
This is just one of the ways to get Google to know about your site.  It is as easy as typing your complete website URL, into the form on Google’s web page and clicking the “SUBMIT” button. Be sure to add an accurate description of your site because this is what people will see and determine if they want to click on your link or not.

Example of how to submit your site to Google
Example of adding URL to google

You also want to submit your site to Google Places, Yahoo and Bing.  These are covered in separate articles.

How to tell if your site is indexed

Now that we added our site to Google it can be crawled. That simply means Google tracks your site by checking to see if the link you listed goes to where you indicated it should go. So now you will want to know if your site is indexed in Google. Indexed means Google knows your site exists. Once Google knows about your site, you can begin to optimize your site for higher ranking in the search engine.  To find out if your website has been indexed, go to and type in your website as shown below.
Example of how to tell if a site is indexed

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A good thing to note is that Google caches pages in memory so if you get indexed for a page that contains incorrect information, it may take some time after you make the corrections to show up correctly.  Once Google crawls the site and it has the correct information, the new correct information shows.