Optimize Your Website For Smart TV and UHD Video

Internet TV is here!  People can now browse the internet on TV. Is your website ready and optimized for internet tv? People are buying Smart TV’s and connecting HDTV to computer systems all in the name of Internet TV. With the emergence of Hulu, Netflix and other video content providers, the possibilities are endless. Your business on the web just expanded to new territory.

Users can now search for what they want on the internet right on their set top tv.  How convenient is that?  To make for an even better experience, many of the major television networks have already begun optimizing their sites for both mobile and Internet TV.  According to retailers, Internet TV is expected to increase in popularity.  Those who optimize their sites early on, will miss the demand increase in price that is expected to also occur as a result.

An optimized website for Internet TV is one that is designed to display at optimum viewing resolution for HDTV. Sites optimized for mobile display optimally for mobile. You can choose to have your website designed to responsively scale to match whatever device your website may be viewed on.

What this means for website owners

Businesses who offer primarily video content on the web can create their own Internet TV channel.  No longer do medium to small businesses have to compete with companies who can afford television air time.  Internet makes it very affordable to set up a sophisticated media outlet comparable to any of the major networks.

Watching HDTV Internet TV

Imagine . . . YOUR Website being found by
someone at home
watching TV and surfing the web.

We make it happen for you!

What does it take to watch Internet Ready TV?

In 2011 Google began advertising Google TV and instructions for webmasters to start getting their client websites ready.  This allows for viewers to watch streamed video from the web at HD quality.  Their new smart TV was designed to interact with the web by way of pre-configured apps such as Hulu and Netflix built right into each TV set.  However, this technology did not go over as big as initially intended.  The technology was not perfect and there was still the issue of internet bandwidth and the ability for viewers to watch HDTV programs.  While things have improved with these devices, this is still a fad yet to catch on.  Even with that, the opportunity still exists for those who want to be ahead of the crowd in this technology.
Many HDTV sets come standard with HDMI connections making it possible for a savvy tech user to connect to the internet using nothing more than an internet connection and a computer.  This then, becomes a smart TV of a different kind.

So is a smart tv or Internet TV required to watch high quality streaming TV programming? While it is preferable to most, all that is really required is an HDTV with HDMI, a high speed internet and a computer connection of your choice.

What to do To Get Your Website Optimized:

Open your website in your Smart TV web browser and make notes. Pay attention to how easy it is to navigate the site and consume the content. Are you able to read the content without straining or walking up to the TV? Is it easy to navigate the menu and access content? Get your marketing specialist and web designer involved in your planning.

There is much speculation about the direction of mobile and web technology, but we know one thing for sure, it is here to stay.

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