How Much do Professional SEO Services Cost?

Professional SEO Services - Dallas, Tx
The cost of professional SEO services can be very worth it when you companies are not staffed or have the expertise to do so on their own.  The returns generated from repeat business far outweighs the money spent for these services.
Prices can vary depending on company and the extent of services.  You may be able to find SEO services for as little as $250 per page or low end package deals for around $250 per month and these can go up to as much as $6500 to SEO a complete website or $1000 plus per month to maintain search engine visibility.
It is no longer good enough to just have a website.  Businesses want to be found and they want to be at the top of the search engines.  The list below outlines some reasons companies may enlist professional SEO consulting.

4 Reasons To Hire an SEO Company

  1. Fresh Industry Knowledge – Google changes the rules regularly. A Professional SEO Company or Expert keeps up with these changes because this is their primary job function.
  2. Return On Investment (ROI) – Depending on your line of business, the repeat business pays for the fee very quickly. Many times one customer can pay the fee for SEO services, not to mention the ability to retain that customer year after year.
  3. Better Control Over Advertising Costs – SEO performance can be measured with analytics and provide you with data that lets you know exactly what your customers are searching for.
  4. Targeted Market – The savvy buyer of b2b services will usually do research to determine who to do business with. This means they will personally seek your company out without you having to go after them.

If you are a company just starting out, you probably want to go with a company that will include basic SEO setup in your development package.

What To Look For In A Professional SEO Company

  1. How well is their website positioned? Can you find them using common terms?
  2. How long have they been in the industry?
  3. Can they provide examples of high ranking clients?
  4. Will they provide you with a plan for internet marketing?
  5. Are they willing to provide regular SEO reports to you and explain them?


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Professional SEO Services Offered

Let’s Talk Productions includes SEO services with every website package.  This includes all of the foundational listings and on page SEO services required to position your website for a strong position on the web.
These services include:

  • SEO Research and Consulting to fit a plan to your business objectives
  • SEO Copywriting and page optimization
  • Back-end SEO so that the site is friendly to the search engine
  • Reporting and Analytics to measure improvement
  • Listing with each of the major directories
  • Optimization of your Google Services
  • Content Planning and Analysis
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Marketing
  • And more

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