Improve Your Website With Content

Lesson 2 – Content: Really IS King

improve your website content
This article is an excerpt from “The Small Business Guide To Search Engine Marketing.”

Once you have set up analytics on your website, then go back and review content that currently exists on your website.  The content you provide on your website can be the very reason your customers do business with you.

Copy writing is the process of writing text such as informative articles, training, and or sales content.  However, it is much more than just making sure words are spelled correctly and are grammatically correct. While technically, any text on a page can be considered copy.  Copywriting often-times involves persuasion.  It is the act of getting a reader to take some kind of action.

You may choose to write website copy yourself or hire someone to do it for you.  However, if you want your users to take specific action or respond to your written text, it is best to hire a Copywriter.

A Small Business Guide To Search Engine Marketing

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Ways To Improve Your Website Content

Would you believe it if I told you good content is more important than a fancy
design? Well it is! The exception to this is when the focus of the site is artistic in
nature such as with Photography or other types of portfolio websites.

As a general rule, consider content first, design second. However, they should work together.
Consider simple and sometimes even ugly websites that make a lot of money.  This is because there was a strategy behind their efforts. Your website should be designed around your content. If you design your website first, you may later discover that you do not have enough space for the content to fit into the design. This may cost you redesign charges.

Display Content Effectively

Customers should be able to navigate the site easily. They will leave if they have to spend too much time looking for what they want.

Example of Content Consideration:

  • Headlines or important content should go above the fold.
  • Important information goes at the top half or top third of your site because most people won’t scroll down to read what’s at the bottom of the page.
  • Include brief informational nuggets for those who like to skim your pages and organize more detailed information at the bottom or in deeper pages within the site.
  • Add Sticky Content – consider what information will make users stick around for a while or come back to your website.

When it comes to your content, make important things well uh . . . important! Make sure they stand out. Is it obvious to customers by looking at your site what is most important?

Lastly, consider content as an investment in your customers.

When people search the web, they are looking for something. They are looking to buy a product or service, looking for information, looking to be entertained or to find solutions.

Make sure you have what people are looking for when they get to your website, otherwise the increased traffic you generate will be of no use to you. It’s like having a flood of people come into your store and nobody buy anything.  Great, compelling content can keep visitors coming back to your website again and again.

After all, aren’t your customers worth good content?